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“We gotta chop his wood!”

— Graser10 (via sempiternal-punkworld)


me 2 julio

  • Graser: Alright, you hit me one more time you have to give me minutes son.
  • Dolphin: ....
  • H: That's a threat.


It was a slow waddle! 😂


u r my sunshine my only sunshine u make me happy

  • xBayani: No.
  • Hbomb96: What?
  • Graser10: No?
  • xBayani: Huh?
  • Graser10: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy It's a Barbie world.


Hey, forever-on-youtube! Ask and you shall receive~ 
    ↳ Graser bouncing behind Stacy in her intro (x)

“Number 1 rule, no spawning withers in the base because then our base go pow pow and we don’t want that to happen”

— GraserMC (via cubehoppers)


"Oh man guys, I know what you’re thinking. I’m so bad, I just lost to a guy with no armor! Okay, here’s what happen. Everyone was laughing, it was late, I was caught off guard. Usually I’m good at this game, being the person with the most Hunger Games on YouTube. You’d say I’m pretty good at this game right?, no? Well, I promise something like that will never happen again. And if does, well then I just-" (x)